Travel Workouts


20 Travel Workouts so you can keep up with your Fitness while you are on Vacation or Traveling for Work!

Now, you don’t have to spend any more time coming up with workouts while you are traveling. We’ve created a downloadable “20-Travel Workouts Manual” (with an exercise description section complete with pictures) for you to have right in your pocket. 


Our BEST Boot Camp workouts made “travel” friendly…. so you can literally do them ANYWHERE!

  • Most workouts are 100% body-weight exercises so you won’t need any equipment
  • You can can do these IN any hotel room
  • There are a handful of workouts with weights in case your hotel has a small gym or weight room.


Because they are ALL metabolic conditioning workouts, they will only take you 20, 30, or 40 minutes to complete….and they are EXTREMELY effective.

And because we are so awesome, we even included 5 BONUS workouts that will take only 10 sweaty minutes to complete, BUT KICK YOUR BUTT! 

Use these when you are short on time.

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