The Bo-Fit Method

Quick, Safe and Effective


We all have a busy schedule. Family, kids, work, school, hobby, house... Make the most out of your time in the gym! Our workouts are quick and to the point. They are challenging enough to make your body adapt and change, yet smart and balanced to accommodate all fitness levels and  minimize risk of injury. 

Transferable Training Theory


Every workout, every movement has to have a purpose. We make sure our functional training has real world application, and transfers into real life movements.  We train our clients on their feet, moving in multiple directions, using natural human movement patterns. 

Just For Fun


In the end you gotta have some fun! We want you to look forward to your workouts. That's why we always try to make new friends, invite guest trainers, include some fun games and fitness challenges, partner or team workouts... and even have a big mural on the wall "Just For Fun".

Why Bo-Fit Boot Camp?

     Boot Camps combine strength and cardio exercises for a full-body burn. They all get your heart pumping, make you sweat, and challenge your muscles, but how they do it varies form class to class. 

     And they are all Fun!