Bo-fit Member: Marilyn

Marilyn's Story

1. What were your greatest frustrations before you started training with Bo?

I was unable to maintain a consistent workout schedule and stay motivated. 

2. Did you have any fears or apprehension before you started working out?

I became a client of Bo's when I was 65. I didn't think it was possible to achieve noticeable gains at my age. I had my doubts.

3. What is something you can do now that you weren’t able to do before you started?

Before I started with Bo, I needed help carrying my groceries in the house from the car. Now I can easily carry a case of water from COSTCO's. 

4. What has surprised you most since you started?

I am surprised that the older I get the stronger and healthier I have become. Also, before I started with Bo, I could hardly walk a mile. And now I participated in a 5K walk for charity with the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon, and I finished 2nd in my age group (65-69).

5. What were/are your biggest struggles?

My biggest struggles are consistently working out and maintaining a healthy diet. 

6. Tell us how life looks and feels like now, compared to the time before you started working out?

I have been a client of Bo's for over three years. At 68 years old I am stronger and healthier than I was three years ago. The effort is worth it! At one point my fasting blood sugar was up to 320 (borderline diabetic), and now, after doing my best to keep a consistent diet and workout routine my fasting blood sugar is down to 109 and still dropping - without any medication or insulin.  

7. What advice would you give to new clients/members?

My advice is the toughest step is the first step. As Bo often says, "Just do it!"