Cheryl's Story


1. What were your greatest frustrations before you started training with Bo?

Before training with Bo, I was doing the same thing over and over again - just like most people - hopping on a piece of cardio equipment like a treadmill or elliptical, mindlessly going through the motions and doing just enough to feel like I was (sort of) working out. Now, I actually know what it feels like to push a little harder, trying activities or movements that I would never have known on my own. When we train, we are working on a combination of functional movements, strength training and endurance. I had worked out with other trainers in the past. I had some degree of success with most of them, but most of them did not have Bo’s unique knowledge of the body and how to target specific muscle groups to achieve overall body toning and fitness.

2. Did you have any fears or apprehension before you started working out?

I had a fear that big-muscled body builders would judge me and critique my workouts when in the gym working out by myself. I thought they would see me as inexperienced and just taking up space that they needed to get fit!

3. What is something you can do now that you weren’t able to do before you started?

I now have the confidence to do varied workouts that are really effective, from intense cardio to weights to functional body strength training and mobility exercises. I can do multiple exercises on resistance strength training machines where I would never have even tried them before! Who knew there were plenty of cardio workouts to conquer without ever stepping foot on a single machine!

4. What has surprised you most since you started?

That I have actually developed muscle tone and have gotten stronger. It IS possible!

5. What were/are your biggest struggles?

Working out isn’t the problem. Eating clean is still a struggle. “You can’t out work a bad diet.” I still have some days where I have an amazing workout, but still crave cookies later.

6. Tell us how life looks and feels like now, compared to the time before you started working out?

Being fit feels healthy on the inside and out. Being fit doesn’t always look the same on everyone, but there should be a noticeable difference in how you feel and look compared to the time before you started working out. My level of fitness and strength now energizes me and I want to get better, leaner and stronger the older I get, especially when I look back at some photos and can’t believe the progress! Lethargy and lack of motivation can be replaced with a drive to get and stay active, and that should help you make better life style decisions. Even if it happens slowly and even if there are days that include decisions that aren’t as healthy as you wanted to make, “fit happens!”

7. What advice would you give to new clients/members?

Don’t give up, don’t get discouraged, and don’t compare yourself to others. Challenge yourself to get as fit as you can and surround yourself with like-minded people who will encourage healthy, happy living. Fitness truly is a lifestyle. It is always achievable—no matter what age or what weight you are at, but there is no room for excuses. If you lie to yourself about bad decisions, you will only cheat and defeat yourself! Empowering yourself to be positive on the inside will allow you to see positive changes on the outside.