Bo-Fit Shaker Bottle


 These smart fitness shaker bottles are made with the health driven in mind. Great for gyms and health clubs, or quick shake/snack at work. They provide users with a three in one tool they can use to take their fitness essentials on the go. They feature a screw on pill compartment and additional protein powder compartment, a metal blender that attaches to screw on cap, flip top lid for ease of drink, plus capacity guide printed on the side. Available in Black and Red. 



  • BPA Free
  •  Reusable 17oz Shaker Bottles with Mixing Spring 
  •  Capacity marks printed on the side of the bottle 
  •  With 3 compartments including the pill box 
  •  Anti-slip design 
  •  Bottom storage compartment holds approx. 70 grams of powder (2 full scoops of most protein powders) 
  •  Fits most cup holders 

Check out this demo of the Shaker

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